Christianity – A Life of Champions

No matter what happens to you in life, always remember that Christianity is a life of Champions!

Failure is not a possibility until and unless you let it happen, you are the only one that can make you fail, there is no enough power on earth, there is no force that can make you fail, you are the only one that can make you fail and as long as you choose to win, as long as you choose to succeed, as long as you choose victory that’s what you will have. .

Always declare who you are in Christ, you are a seed of Abraham! Do you realize that a blessing is at work in you, the bible says that you are called to inherit a blessing. Halleluyah .

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The Lordship of Love

Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine. He’s more willing and concerned for your happiness, peace, and joy, than you could ever be for yourself. He knows all the gifts that you want in your life and every good thing you want for yourself, and He desires even more for you.

There’s no selfishness about Jesus; He’s God’s love personified and expressed to man. He’s the living love of God manifested to us. You don’t love yourself as much as “Love” loves you; He’s more ambitious for your success than you could ever be for yourself. When this becomes your consciousness, all your struggles will be over.

The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ:(He is Lord of all) (Acts10:36).


“Faith is for the now, Hope is for the Future and Love is for always”. - Pastor Chris in the message titled Faith Hope and Love

When you declared Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, He became your Master. Lord means master, possessor or owner. Some Christians don’t seem to realize this; they think Jesus is there to answer their prayers and give them whatever they want. They haven’t known Him as Lord. He being the Lord of your life means you exist for Him; He’s the One in charge of your life.

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