May – Month of Prophecy

⦁During the Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris declares May as 'the Month of Prophecy, In reflecting on the profound stories within scriptures like Ezekiel 37:1-20, 1kings 13:1 and 2kings 23:15 Pastor Chris illuminates the spiritual dynamics at play, where individuals, like Ezekiel, receive visions and insights in the realm of the spirit before articulating them with words. These accounts underscore the intrinsic connection between God's word and the mouths of His prophets, as they speak forth divine truths with authority and conviction. Whether prophesying to dry bones or inanimate objects at the altar, these figures act as conduits for the Spirit's guidance, manifesting God's will in the physical realm through their obedient proclamation of His word.

⦁Moreover, Pastor Chris emphasizes believers' roles as agents of peace and transformation in the world. Rather than seeing themselves as victims of circumstance, they are called to maintain God's peace and align their actions with His divine purpose. This mandate is rooted in the fundamental truth that believers are born anew in Christ, where the life of God supersedes their earthly origins. Through spiritual growth and upbringing, believers are equipped to navigate the spiritual realm and manifest the supernatural qualities of their spiritual inheritance. As Pastor Chris propels believers into the month ahead, he instills a sense of anticipation and empowerment, declaring that they will speak forth God's word with authority, saturating the spiritual atmosphere and catalyzing divine manifestations.


A surge of immense delight swept across the globe as Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome DSc., DD, announced 2024 as 'the Year of Redemption' at the Global New Year’s Eve Service.


Of the several definitions of the word, he gave four very important definitions relevant to the message of the year.

1. To deliver from sin and its consequences by means of a sacrifice offered for sin

2. To turn in vouchers or coupons for actual value.

3. To release from debt or bondage.

4. To extricate yourself from something detrimental.

Proclaiming that 2024 would bring about extraordinary changes, Pastor Chris declared, “This year will see the restoration of that which was lost. You will claim the promises of God and showcase His excellences and perfections in 2024.”



Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration with "Reflection Time with Abha," a captivating program designed to delve into the rhapsody of realities for kids. Through interactive discussions and engaging activities, children are invited to reflect on the profound wisdom of the word of God, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the divine principles. Each topic, carefully curated by Pastor Chris, serves as an insightful gateway to greater truths, guiding young minds on a transformative adventure of growth and spiritual discovery. Join Abha in this enriching journey, where every session offers an opportunity to uncover hidden insights and embrace the power of reflecting on the word of God .


Description: - Step back into the sands of time with "Long Time Ago"! Embarking on an exhilarating journey through the rich stories and awe-inspiring characters from the Bible. Prepare to be captivated as these timeless narratives come to life, painting a vivid tableau of wonder and wisdom that transcends the ages.


Prepare to attune your ears to the unchangeable word of God in "Purpose of Life." In this enlightening program, we embark on a profound journey of introspection as we delve into the timeless wisdom of scripture. The Bible teaches us that each person's life is incredibly precious, and through engaging discussions, we'll explore the significance of life itself. What is life, and why does it matter? These questions will be the focal point of our exploration, as we seek to understand the divine purpose woven into the fabric of our existence.


Discover the power of having a clear aim in life with "Lakshya." As born-again Christians, it's imperative to align ourselves with a purpose that transcends the mundane and echoes the divine. This program, conducted in Hindi, is a guiding light, illuminating the path towards understanding and embracing the unique purpose woven into the fabric of our existence. Through insightful discussions we delve deep into the significance of having a purpose-driven life, drawing inspiration from the teachings of scripture. Join us where every aspect is centered around unlocking the profound purpose of your life, empowering you to live with intention, passion, and unwavering faith.


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